Five ways to remember that your job matters

making your job matter

When I was an intern, I would sit in my cubicle while thousands of other employees buzzed around me. We offered services that were required by law and that no one seemed to need or care about, and we delivered them poorly and behind schedule. I wondered how long it would take for our clients […]

Disagreeing with an AI on the meaning of life

AI on the meaning of life

  If, by chance, you run into a super intelligent computer, you should ask it the meaning of life. Science fiction writers could not be clearer on this. So, when I tried the Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as ChatGPT,1 my first request for it was to explain the meaning of life. I watched as the […]

7 reasons the meaning of life is hard to find

Wrong Direction Meaning of Life

Searching for the meaning of life is one of the great philosophical pursuits of every generation. People have been trying to find it since at least the days of Aristotle. And yet, many can’t come up with a coherent explanation for what makes life worthwhile. A quick search on social media for the meaning of […]