A Worthwhile Life - How to Find Meaning, Build Connection, and Cultivate Purpose book cover

Coasting through a life filled with distractions? It’s time to live with value, purpose, and meaning.

Michael Westover looked in the mirror one day and wondered what the point of it was. He had a successful career in health care, a stable family, and great friendships. Yet, he felt aimless. His life was full—meetings to further his career, hours of TV, activities with his children—but was it worthwhile?

Digging through centuries of research and theory, Michael set out on a philosophical journey to find connection and meaning. Why do countless people coast through life as he had, feeling lost and disconnected, yet others approach each day feeling worthy and valuable?

It turns out that living a life that matters is simpler than you may think. Following five types of commitment that are research-proven to give life more meaning, you can build a worthwhile life and avoid the cycle of distractions.

In Westover’s guide, you will learn:

  • The 5 goals you may be chasing that distract from a worthwhile life.
  • The conditions to create a life of meaning—and why it’s different from having a purpose.
  • The vital role responsibility plays and the many forms responsibility takes in our life.
  • How to create your Happiness Hierarchy list and the relationship between happiness and meaningfulness.
  • How the erosion of family, jobs, community, and faith lead to disconnect.

Told through real-life examples, easily relatable analogies, and research-based philosophical theory and wisdom, A Worthwhile life highlights Westover’s five specific techniques to create a more fulfilling existence. Stop going through the motions and start living by reading A Worthwhile Life: How to Find Meaning, Build Connection, and Cultivate Purpose today.

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